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Daylight is a fully equipped Photo Studio Rental in Manhattan, New York for photo & video shoots, events, corporate events, castings, makeup workshops, fashion shows, and seminars. With over 20,000 sq ft, in the heart of the vibrant Hudson Yards neighborhood, Daylight Studio is the perfect location! Offering a generous shooting distance and ample working space. Daylight Studio in New York caters to both established and up-and-coming designers, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and fine artists. Their in-house events team has a vast network of vendors and years of experience to guide you from start to finish and insure that your event is a success.

photo rental studio in nyc

photography film studio rental in new york city

Daylight Studio’s Props department holds a large collection of furniture, walls and set stylings. We also offer a skilled set-build team that can turn your vision into reality.

When you’re selling your products on your ecommerce site Woocommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento or any other ecommerce platform, pictures matter. Your ecommerce product photography will often decide whether or not someone makes the purchase decision right away or not, so you need to do it right.

Miami eCommerce Photography Studio

VSP Studios has worked with luxury fashion labels to boutique style retailers, wholesalers and worldwide brands, their production team works with your brand to incorporate high quality, web optimized photography into your ecommerce site, look-book presentations, and catalogs.

eCommerce Web Photography is a powerful element on your Shopify/Magento or Woocommerce website that must engage your audience. Quality images expand your online presence, help to build a customer’s trust, and drive sales.

Updating your web store imagery quickly and efficiently, helps to keep your customers coming back for more, specially when you are running marketing campaigns on Google Shopping, Bing Ads, Facebook Shopping Ads, Instagram Ads or any other platform.

My friend Victor Sanabrais Photographer is a 20 year veteran of the fashion industry, created VSP Studios to offer a workflow system, built to streamline your web content creation process. Contact him on his website for quality high-end ecommerce photography!

Chris is not only extremely talented but charismatic, kind, and witty. I have known him for years and he only keeps getting better! He is professional and makes you feel so comfortable. Chris invests in what he does and it shows! His passion shines through all of his work – big and small- and anyone that comes across it can see that! Chris and his wonderful team are truly the best and there is no one else that I would recommend for headshots! Oh and you’ll love Bubba too!

Contact Chris Today!

With his easy going pace, Chris will have you relaxed in no time. Along with his state-of-the-art equipment and love for his craft, he will capture the best of you in each and every shot. Drop my name for a nice discount!

I was giving the best WpEngine Coupon code today. Discovering best WordPress facilitating can be an excruciating procedure. You require an answer that will do equity to your substance, offer shake strong dependability and ideally not burn up all available resources.

The uplifting news is that the facilitating market has never been more aggressive. Another era of WordPress-centered organizations have risen who’ve increased current standards significantly regarding cost and execution.

The awful news is that it’s still dubious swimming through the woodland of components and bundles keeping in mind the end goal to work out what’s appropriate for your site.

Why is WPEngine the best Hosting for your WordPress Site?

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WPEngine is a standout amongst the most costly WordPress facilitating suppliers available, yet its quality more than compensates for the high cost. This WordPress-driven web host is particularly appropriate to quickly developing destinations. Furthermore, they offer venture review security highlights, yet at a cost of forbidding a couple of famous modules because of security vulnerabilities. You can begin with their least expensive arrangement, then redesign as vital.

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Hi, I’m Jonathan Privat, an excitable freelance front-end and back-end Miami Web Developer. I live with an intense passion for web development, marketing and social media. On the better days, I wake up, hit the gym, grab a cold lemonade, and set up in my office, digging into a Shopify app, setting up a WordPress backend, or building an professional e-commerce site using Magento or BigCommerce. I also play nicely with Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords Optimization, Google Shopping Optimization Feed and find it absolutely essential to work with tools like Google Analytics, Photoshop, Google Webmaster Tools, MOZ and more.

miami web developer in the Huffington Post

As a Miami Web Developer and marketing analyst, I was featured in many publications. One of my favorite one is “The Connoisseurs of The Internet” written by the Huffington Post.

I should also mention that I’ve done my fair share of building custom WordPress sites, building 100+ WordPress websites from scratch. All of the sites I build are fully manageable by the Client; this means everything from images, text, and custom content types.

Outside of my passion for work, my life’s affinity comes in two forms: music and my family. You can listen to some of my music on any music app using my artistic name “Jony Privat”.

The Connoisseurs of The Internet

Such is the case of Miami-based and self-made influencer Jony Privat who has recently endorsed the famous but probably forgotten Old Spice brand by refreshing with his own image. Privat is also a digital application and website developer with multiple certifications as well as an EDM Producer (Electronic Dance Music) which gives him an extra edge over other Influencers since music is a great and powerful connector within Millennials, which represent a huge chunk of Privat’s legion of over half a million followers on Twitter.

Looking to boost your brand with social media?

Hire a Truly Miami Social Media Expert

Jonathan Privat is a social media consultant living in Miami’s creative culture. He has worked with many digital marketing agencies and major national brands in the past 15 years. Jonathan Privat’s experience as a Miami Social Media Expert includes managing and advising over 40 brands across multiple social media channels as well as major new sites. He has been featured on major news sites like The Huffington Post. Some of his specialties include:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Content Creation
  • Pinterest Ad Campaigns
  • Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Twitter Ad Campaigns
  • Digital Branding
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Instagram & Twitter Trending
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Youtube & Facebook Viral Videos

Are you one of those few small businesses that are not plugged into social media yet? You may be wondering what’s all that fuss about. Does your business really need all those networks? or can you just get by with an optimized website and paid ads? The short answer is YES, you need a miami social media expert. and if you have the budget you need the

#1 Miami Social Media Expert

– or at least you do if you want to reach customers and stay competitive.

Here are just a few reasons why social media networks are so important for small businesses:


  • 99% of your clients are already using at least one social media network
  • It will help you connect with your current clients and prospects.
  • It will make your business and content relevant on the search engines, social media networks and business directories.

Even though you or your business may not be using any social media networks, your competitors probably are. If that’s the case, you’ll want to add it to your marketing strategy right away! or risk falling behind and loosing a valuable asset. And if your competitors haven’t yet getting started into social media – you can take advantage of any social media marketing channels before they do.

Social media networks are not just for the big boys – it’s a valuable marketing tool for all small businesses and even regular individuals, as well. It’s here to stay – at least for the foreseeable future – so take the leap and reap the many rewards this great networks have to offer.

Let’s get your business to the next level on the top social media networks and start trending like never before. Contact me now for a free analysis and consultation.

Have you check your local rankings on the search engines yet? read this article for more information.


Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website so that you can gain a higher local search ranking position against your competitors. When you include non geo-targeted keywords that trigger local results, the number nears over 60%.
As the top Search Engines continue to gain a better understanding of users search intent they are going to show local results for more non location specific search terms as well, making local search the leading type. This means searching a phrase like “top restaurants” could return local businesses mixed in with the organic search engine results. If you have a business that can service local customers or has a physical local address, you need to be optimizing your business and website for local search results.

In case you are new to local search, a geo-targeted term is one that includes a location such as “restaurants in Miami”. Including a location triggers the local results pack or the carousel results in most occasions.